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Other worldwide Java User Groups Complete listing of worldwide JUGs

Sun Microsystems Java Pages

Sun Microsystems Java Homepage – links to nearly everything Java! The source for Java collaboration Communities Several projects and useful links
Java EE Formerly known as J2EE
Java SE Formerly known as J2SE
Java ME Java Micro Edition (for mobile devices)
Web Services
Java Community Process The organization that shapes the future of Java


ONJava – O’Reilly’s Java information page
Servlets – all about Servlets
JavaLobby – Java news and discussions – comprehensive Java information from The Middleware Company
Café au Lait Java info from Elliotte Rusty Harold
JavaRanch Get Java questions answered here
jGuru A wide variety of forums and articles’s Java page
Cafe con Leche XML news and resources from Elliotte Rusty Harold
Java Posse Four great Java minds talk about Java
Java RSS Links to several Java news feeds
Ajaxian Leading Ajax site
TheServerSide Java Symposium A top annual Java conference

Open Source & Organizations

The Apache Software Foundation – several open source projects including Struts and Tomcat
JBoss – open source projects include JBoss Application Server and Hibernate
Object Management Group – includes reference material on UML, MDA, and CORBA
World Wide Web Consortium – find info on SOAP, XML, XSL & XSLT
Eclipse More than just the well-known IDE World’s largest open source project base
The Codehaus Large open source repository
Free Software Foundation
Google Developer’s Network Includes their open source Web Toolkit
OpenAjax Alliance Standardizing Ajax development
Hibernate Open source persistence


Java World
Java Developers Journal
O’Reilly Publishing Several Java titles available
Manning Publications Several Java titles
Wrox Press Several Java titles


BEA Systems – Makers of WebLogic family of products
IBM – For WebSphere and Rational products
Borland – For JBuilder and Together
JetBrains – For IntelliJ IDEA (Java IDE), TeamCity (Continuous Integration Solution), and other productivity tools
Interface 21 The people that brought you Spring
Apple’s Java Page Java on the Apple is gaining popularity
JBoss Home of JBoss and Seam

Java Blogs

James Gosling’s Blog A blog by the father of Java
Jonathan Schwartz’s Blog Blog from the CEO of Sun Microsystems
Ben Galbraith’s Blog Author, speaker, founder of
Ted Neward’s Blog Java author and speaker
Martin Fowler’s Blog Author, speaker, Chief Scientist of ThoughtWorks
Bruce Eckel’s Blog All things software development

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